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to my official website.
Here you can listen to all of my work (songs, beats, other projects..)
Also, you can contact me for any questions and enquiries. 




Andrej Antonic aka Andre (Andre Prod By) is multi-platinum music producer & songwriter, musician and recording engineer.

From an early age, he learned to play the guitar, piano and saxophone. In 2013. he graduated from high school of music (diploma in musical theory and saxophone). After music school Andre perfected his knowledge of music production by obtaining a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production at the SAE Institute in Ljubljana.

He worked for many famous artists such as: Quavo Huncho, Swxm, Voyage, Snik, Breskvica, Corona (KDM), In Vivo, 30zona, Eddin, Diamant, etc. The songs he produced have reached more than 200 million views on YouTube, and more than 120 million streams on digital streaming platforms. 

Andre is also one of the founders of the music production label "Die Rich Production (Die Rich Beats)”.

Music Concert

Latest release

Swxm ft. Quavo Huncho - Swim

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Andre in numbers



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